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This section of our site discusses education and training services, with links to selected clients.

Key to any effort in improving end of life care is education and training of all stakeholders, including the organization's employees and contractors; other healthcare providers; consumers, including patients and families as well as the general public; and public policy officials. Ethos has extensive experience in designing and delivering individualized educational and training activities to a diverse spectrum of professional and lay groups. Subject matter ranges from hospice, palliative, and home health care issues; ethics committees; advance directives and end of life decision making; nursing home programs; corporate compliance plans; and other clinical and administrative topics.

New Jersey Palliative Homecare Project (NJ PHP)

Ethos coordinated the NJ PHP, which is a grant-funded collaboration between the New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Home Health Assembly of New Jersey. The goal of this state-level partnership is to improve palliative and end-of-life care in New Jersey and throughout United States. The aim of the initial project is to develop, implement and evaluate palliative care education modules presented as a 2-day "Train the Trainer" workshop. The target audience is home health care staff serving the city of Newark, NJ (approximately 50 organizations). The project directors plan to disseminate the modules to additional NJ-based home care agencies and eventually, to organizations in other states.

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Under contract with the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Ethos developed the first of three courses for a new Palliative Care Minor Concentration. Focused on systematically redesigning and expanding the existing geriatric and oncology advanced practice curricula, it features a distinct body of knowledge and skills for palliative care/end of life care for the older adult and his or her family. The purpose of the Palliative Care Minor is to prepare a cadre of experts in palliative care to advance palliative care practice, education and research with older adults as well as develop a replicable educational model for palliative care of the older adult for widespread dissemination.